Sunday Buffet Menu

The Orchard


A Wide Variety of Mouth-Watering Salads & Antipasti, Terrines, Pâtés, & Fish. Salads are Accompanied by Dressings & Garnishes.
The Orchard

From the Soup Kettle

Widow Soup

Thick Vegetable Soup, Eggs & Cheeselets

The Orchard

Pasta Station

Octopus Pasta

Rich Octopus Sauce Tossed in Spaghetti Pasta, Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Soft Herbs

Baked Pasta

Slow Cooked Beef, Peas, Grated Cheese

Ricotta Ravioli (V)

Ricotta, Tomato & Basil Sauce

The Orchard

Maltese Station

“Pastizzi” (V)

Ricotta & Pea


Cooked in a Rich Tomato Sauce & Spices

Rabbit Turnovers

Pulled Rabbit in its own Juices Wrapped in Puff Pastry

The Orchard

From the Chafing Dishes


Pan Fried Lampuki, Green Bell Pepper, Caper & Herb Salsa

Fried Rabbit

Rabbit Cooked in Wine & Garlic

Beef Olives

Braised Beef Olives in Rich Tomato & Vegetable Sauce


Fried Chips & Roasted Potatoes with Fennel Seeds


Aubergines, Marrows, Bell Peppers in Rich Tomato & Caper Sauce

The Orchard


A Selection of Gateaux, Tarts, Mousses, & Fresh Fruits. Cheese Board; Goat Cheese & Peccorino Cheese, Grapes, Celery & Water Biscuits.

Includes Free Flowing Wine, Water & Soft Drinks

12:30hrs - 15:00hrs | Adults €35 - Children €17.50