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A La Carte

Incorporating local and traditional staples, you will also find dishes that make the best out of Malta’s seasonal vegetables and fruit. Our meats are sourced from reputable farms while we ask for only the best quality cuts to be delivered. Fresh fish reaches our kitchen regularly, so that we can offer patrons daily a farm to table experience.

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Sunday Buffet

Served weekly between October and June, the value for money Sunday buffets at The Orchard are a truly scrumptious affair and the glorious spread of seasonal items and ingredients is enough to entice even the pickiest of foodies. In keeping with the concept of serving traditional Maltese food, the buffet will include a Maltese pasta dish like timpana, ross il-forn, injokki bl-irkotta or lasanja tal-ġbejniet u l-pastard.

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Special Menus

Special occasions deserve special menus. Our chefs plan the big calendar events well in advance so that they can give each event the attention to detail it deserves. Maltese families love getting together for holidays. So whether it’s Christmas Eve Breakfast, Christmas or New Year’s Day lunch, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Easter, you can make sure it will be a celebration to remember at The Orchard.

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