Meet Head Chef Alan

Head Chef Alan Mifsud’s career in the hospitality industry began at the ripe age of 20. Starting out as a kitchen porter, he was able to get a taste of the quick-paced environment of the kitchen from the side-lines. Up until he dropped the mop for a chef’s knife and sprung into action. Since then, he’s worked in leading hotels around the island, snatching every opportunity that comes his way to further his knowledge in the culinary industry.

Leading his very own team for the first time in 2018, Alan quickly gained valuable managerial skills which he makes use of in his day-to-day job. Manning a large team in a fast-paced environment allowed him to supervise not just his fellow chefs, but also oversee each dish which came out to ensure a high quality of standard. In 2020, he was fully promoted to Head Chef in a famous and sought-after catering establishment, during which he trained and guided staff on a daily basis.

Overall, Alan is consistently focused on improving the quality of food, not just in taste, as he is a big believer that patrons first eat with the eyes and nose. He’s also very passionate about modernising menus and is especially knowledgeable about nutrition and special diets, given that exercise is a top priority for him. Alan also feels that being welcoming is a particularly vital trait to have in the hospitality industry, and particularly at The Orchard, as he aims to welcome each patron with a warm and delicious meal during every service.

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